Social Network Data

Real world analytics derived from geo-stamped social interactions, including location-specific profiles and semantic analysis.

Cellular Network Data

Discover the volume, behaviour and profile of clusters, segments and the population at-large for any shopping area, POI or city.

Historical & Live Data

Compare historical and real-time data or extend to enable forward-looking advertising, infrastructure development and transportation solutions.

100% Anonymized

Cellular network data is 100% non-reversible encoded and anonymized and delivered as 'micro-generalizations' for any location, or POI.

We see the world differently.

We believe there is an opportunity to mesh digital data with the real world. Our curiosity drove us to discover and develop methods to uncover data in the physical world, the same way that there's an abundance of data in the digital and online world.

That said, we are not really interested in reaching individuals, rather, we are interested in discovering insights about clusters of people and how they move in and out of a city or around a shopping mall.

Our cloud-based analytics engine collects, aggregates and interprets a ton of passive carrier, social and micro network data into meaningful analytics about real world consumers. Our engine currently collects and processes over 50 million location events per day (yes, per day) and we are only getting started.

Our engine is used by advertisers, public planning agencies and large commercial centres.

Brilliant data and (actionable) insights about businesses and cities:

Dynamic, always evolving data sources.

The engine is built on a robust platform that enables us to plug in new sources of data to enhance the insights and analytics for any location.

The majority of the heavy-lifting and the real magic of our engine is the integration of these dynamic layers of data with people traffic data to help tell stories and deliver insights about locations and POIs.

Consider this:
If you look at the traffic coming in and out of a stadium on game-day, you would get volume metrics from cellular, social and sensor data but you would also discover profiles and semantic insights by plugging in and overlaying other channels of data like social-interactions, POS data from vendors nearby or even by overlaying the weather forecast for that day.

The delicate meshing of these dynamic layers of data enhances the insights and delivers a whopping amount of information about who, why and where people spend their time.

Real-time, persistent data flow.

The LocationGenius platform sits in the middle of a persistent data flow from a growing variety of data sources. The platform is live and depending on the type of data, the delivery is as fresh as real-time and no later than 1-day delay. That said, if you're interested in historical data, the platform archives every single point of data it gets so you can go back in time and discover historical and year-over year shifts and trends.

The idea is to overcome the challenges that organizations face with stale and often limited data from ad-hoc, once-a-decade studies. With Via, you can count on fresh data.

Powerful macro-level data for public planning agencies.

LocationGenius delivers invaluable and dynamic data about how the population at large, travels throughout the city and through and from neighbourhoods and major commercial centres. This data is anonymous and at the cluster-level, and yet super insightful for public planning agencies.

Whether it is for transportation infrastructure or major commercial centres, LocationGenius is a powerful tool for data-dependant organizations.

Traffic Share - A refreshingly valuable metric.

Sometimes the absolute figures are just not actionable enough and really what you’re looking for is a comparative view between multiple locations - or competitive locations. We designed a sweet feature that lets you carve out a specific time period, and then compare multiple POIs side by side, based on the growth or shrinking of collective traffic.

The ‘traffic share’ data highlights the growth or decline of foot traffic between one location and another (or multiple) similar to a standard market share calculation by limiting the 'size of the pie' to the total traffic of the locations.

It’s perfect for big box retailers, dealerships and other commercial properties.